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The solar panel world is constantly evolving. New technologies, complicated pricing structures, and ever-changing subsidies; as a result, GPC Europe is constantly developing new solutions in an increasingly electrified, green and sustainable world. For example, the new digital meter, electric vehicles, home batteries, thermal storage, etc. As an installation company, you need to stay up-to-date with all these new things; and to help you, we organise targeted training – both in groups and one-on-one – at our location in Tielt.


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Our training courses

GPConnect: monitoring via digital meter

GPConnect is a virtual battery developed by GPC Europe that shows you how well a solar panel installation is being used. The periodic reporting shows exactly when more or less energy is used than generated. This provides clear guidance about whether a thermal solution or home battery is a good idea, and what capacity it should have. 

Battery solutions with hybrid inverters and lithium batteries

When customers are not at home and the sun is shining, solar panels produce “free” electricity that is simply sent back into the grid. By installing an electric battery, this lost energy can be stored for use later. GPC Europe has solutions that are not only good for the environment, but are also already very profitable financially.

Charging infrastructure

Now polluting cars are being increasingly banned from the centre of cities, and governments are pursuing sustainable mobility policies, electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles are gaining importance. In order to generate electrical energy even more efficiently, GPC Europe has developed a charging infrastructure that goes beyond putting a plug in a socket. With our smart solutions, the right amount of energy is used for charging at the right speed. And above all: at the best electricity cost.

Thermal storage

Excess solar energy can also be stored in heat. This is a lot cheaper and very efficient. Unused energy is then diverted to the boiler. 

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