Flemish subsidy on solar panels: how does it work actually?

A new subsidy for consumers will be introduced from 1 January 2021. Anyone installing new solar panels with an inverter capacity of less than or equal to 10 kilovolt amperes after that date can claim the investment premium. If you commission an installation between now and the end of the year, you can still opt for the reversing electricity meter.


This is how the investment premium works 

  • Duration: from 2021 to the end of 2024.
  • The amount of the premium is adjusted each year to meet the decreasing investment costs.
  • The premium is limited to 40% of the investment costs stated on the invoices.
  • The solar panels must be installed by a contractor at an existing home or new-build home with a planning application dated after 31 December 2013.
  • Only 1 premium for a PV installation can be awarded per home or residential unit, provided that no other PV installation has been installed beforehand.
  • The installed solar panels must be registered with the distribution network operator no later than 2 months after commissioning in order to benefit from the premium.


The figures

Kilowatt peak = kWp

Calendar year0 to 4 kilowatt peak4 to 6 kilowatt peakMaximum premium
2021€300/kWpAdditional €150/kWp (4 to 6 kWp)€1500
2022€225/kWpAdditional €112.50/kWp (4 to 6 kWp)€1125
2023€150/kilowatt peakAdditional €75/kWp (4 to 6 kWp)€750
2024€75/kilowatt peakAdditional €37.50/kWp (4 to 6 kWp)€375

The Flemish government has stated in the official documentation that the subsidy will be paid per kilowatt peak and therefore not on the basis of inverter power; the unit used by the Flemish Energy Agency in its statistics on the amount of installed PV power.

More news

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Antarctica 2.0

PV production at Princess Elisabeth research base boosted to 75kWp.

This year they added LG Bifacial 435N2T-E6 panels.

GPControl achieves 2nd place at Innovation Award
GPControl achieves 2nd place at Innovation Award

On Wednesday 29/09, GPC got a nice 2nd place with the GPContol at the Innovation Award at the SolarSolutions Int. in Haarlemmermeer. In short, it helps you heat your boiler when the solar panels are producing energy.


The GPControl measures, via the P1 port on the digital meter, the energy injected into or taken from the grid. If there is a surplus of solar energy, an electric boiler is fed, controlled by the GPControl.

Premie voor slimme sturing systemen!
Premie voor slimme sturing systemen!