GPC launches the GPControl for smart control of boilers and heat pumps

The constant changes in legislation cause a lot of confusion in the PV world. Whatever the legislative proposals, one thing is certain: consumers must use as much of their own PV output as possible in order to send as little as possible to the grid. The main reason for this is that the injection price is extremely low compared to the electricity price. The solution is fairly simple: we can easily increase our self-consumption by up to 30% with a home battery. But did you know that there is another solution with a better efficiency than the home battery?


Smart Control Systems, the step towards a more rational energy household.

What is one of your biggest energy consumers at home? Electric boiler/heat pump boiler owners don’t have to look far. What if you could use your PV surplus, which you would normally drain to the grid, to heat your electric boiler!? With GPC’s smart boiler control, you can! The PV surplus is infinitely adjusted and sent to the boiler. Once the solar energy generated is higher than the consumption in the house, the boiler is fired up using exactly the same amount of energy that you would have otherwise put into the electricity grid. 


Tested and proven!

We took the ease of installation for the installer into account when developing the GPControl. During the assembly of the first pilot module, it immediately became clear how easy and simple the installation really is. The GPControl is very easy to connect to the digital meter via the P1 port. The module fits on the DIN rail and everything is very easy to wire. In other words, no frustrating mounting of CT terminals in a low-voltage board that is often too cramped and no settings on the smartphone. Finally, we have also made the GPControl independent of the brand of PV inverter. So it doesn’t matter if you have an SMA, SolarEdge, Enphase, etc. because the GPControl is always compatible! The results are impressive: for a family of four, you can assume that approximately 1,200 kWh/year of excess PV energy is diverted to the boiler.


Flanders: 50% premium for smart control of electric boilers and heat pumps

A first approval in principle was given for a new premium to automatically control storage heaters, electric boilers, and heat pumps, provided this investment takes place in 2021 or 2022. The amount of the premium for this is maximum 50% of the invoice, with a maximum of 400 euros. Such investments can increase the efficiency of the PV unit and the battery system!


Take a look at our smart boiler control, GPControl:

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