Antarctica goes green!

The Princess Elisabeth Antarctica Research Station opts for bifacial solar modules

Antarctica is one of the windiest, coldest, and driest places on the planet. So the use of high-quality materials is an absolute must! The Princess Elisabeth Antarctica therefore chose PullThePlug and GPC Europe as partners in providing a customised PV solution. Bifacial solar modules were installed, which allows sunlight to be captured by both sides of the panel. This way, sunlight reflecting off the snow can also be captured.


Pioneer on Antarctic

“With the help of this installation, the research station received a 43% boost in PV power. This was necessary to maintain the pioneering and innovative spirit of the Princess Elisabeth Antarctica Research Station” — Yves Struyve, CEO of GPC Europe


“We are achieving an unprecedented yield due to the reflection off the permanent snow around the platform and the 24 hours of sunlight a day,” — Guus Luppens, Managing Director of PullThePlug.

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