Clarified: REG premium for small-scale PV installations

Small PV installations up to 10 kVA inverter power will be covered by a new premium regulation from 2021 to replace the ‘backwards-counting meter’ principle. This principle is being fully scrapped for these smaller installations and replaced by a one-off premium that needs to be applied for. To qualify for this premium, the installer must have RESCert certification for installing a PV application. You can read a more detailed overview of the terms and conditions below.


In 2021, the premium will be €300/kWp for the first 4 kWp. For the additional power between 4 kWp and 6 kWp, the premium will be €150/kWp. This is also where the limit is. There is no additional premium for anything between 6 and 10 kWp. This subsidy is expected to decrease over the coming years. The premium is limited to 40% of the investment costs stated on the invoices, with a ceiling of €1500. The installation also needs to be on a roof.


The premium does not apply at all in the case of a new building, where the obligation to provide a minimum proportion of renewable energy already applies.


The installation must be registered with Fluvius no later than three months after commissioning, and may not be relocated to a different property for a period of 15 years. Only one premium can be granted per home. In the event of a change of owner, it is of course possible to apply for a premium for a new installation. The same conditions apply for this as listed above and below.

The Cabinet and the Flemish Energy Agency also inform PV-Vlaanderen that a RESCert certificate from the installer is required as a qualitative condition for obtaining the premium. This still needs to be made official in a ministerial decree, which is scheduled for the end of this year.


The existing battery premium was then extended again by one year. This can be combined with the PV premium. The battery premium is capped on the basis of the price per kWh (€250/kWh, 35% of the investment cost and maximum €3200). The PV premium is capped at 40% of the investment cost and up to €1500 for a 6 kWp installation.


If a hybrid inverter is installed at the same time as the battery, 50% of the cost price of the inverter counts as an acceptable investment cost for the battery premium and 100% for the acceptable cost of the PV premium.


It is not yet clear what statements need to appear on the invoice for a combined installation. Keep an eye on our news section for more information regarding this.

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